Creating a Prayer Tree

It’s good to have a relationship to nearby tree either in your yard or wood glen in your neighborhood.

How I Came To Do This Work

In 2013 I started to hold the question, “what is mine to do in the world?” Sensing that there was something yet to be discovered. At the time I was working at home, raising our two wonderful children and volunteering when anybody said the words...

Blessing for the New Year

Thank you for this past year and the challenges and joys that it brought. Thank you for all of the adjustments made, realizations and strengthening that happened. May we be up for the task to carry what needs to be brought forth in this new year and let go of the...

Reflections From A Home Vigil

“I was uncertain about coming today but once I arrived, that changed” A woman approached at a recent home vigil and told me that she had some reservations upon…

​Within Arms Reach: Green Burials

Green burials are becoming more and more commonplace as an option. Green burials are a way of caring for the dead that minimizes the environmental impact while also protecting the health and welfare of workers

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