A Thousand Hands provides a hands-on approach to death through support, education and empowerment.

larger-center-birdOur hands are an extension of our hearts. 

Hands represent our ability to feel, sense express and are action orientated.  Moving into our own dying process whether that’s recognizing that we are aging, living with a chronic or terminal illness or walking with  someone who is calls us to action. 


Knowledge drives our actions.  When we have knowledge we have choices.   I currently offer half  and full day retreats, individual conversations and consults. Topics and events have included Green Burial, Family-Directed After Death Care, Personalized Vigils, Death Rituals and Ceremonies,  Death Over Dinner, Baby Loss workshops and Film screenings.  


How you do anything is how you do everything.  The end of your life can be a reflection of how you lived it.  We have gotten accustomed to doing death a certain  way in North America and have begun to review how we relate to death and remember our natural ability to care for our own. Whether you are choosing a green burial, vigil at your home or care facility, you absolutely have the right to make your wishes known. 


It is in our nature to collaborate and share our common wisdom.   We do this life together and all of us will die.  While we’re walking through life we meet people along the way who offer a hand, a listening ear or a smile that remind that we are all connected.    Coming together when someone dies is just another way we can greet each other  in a way that is loving, compassionate and creative. 

“We live in the world when we love it.”
-Rabindranath Tagore